HEREMA has unveiled the draft National Offshore Wind Farms Development Programme in Greece, at an event held in Athens on October 31, 2023. The plan includes 25 areas covering 2,712 km2 and an estimated capacity of 12.4 GW for offshore wind projects.

Particularly, 10 eligible areas are qualified for development by 2030-2032 with a total capacity of approximately 4.9 GW, mainly for #floating projects, including in addition to the first pilot marine area between Evros-Samothraki and the areas:

  • Easter Crete, with an estimated capacity of 800 MW
  • Southern Rhodes, with a maximum capacity of between 300 MW and 550 MW
  • Central Aegean, with a maximum capacity of between 200 MW and 450 MW
  • Evia-Chios axis, with a maximum capacity of 300 MW, and
  • The Ionian Sea, with a maximum capacity of 450 MW.

Finally, the submitted Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) was presented, which considers several exclusion criteria in order to safeguard environmentally sensitive areas and marine activities in the Greek territory.

Greece is now on the right path to offshore wind expansion, fostering new technologies and sustainable growth.


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