The MARINEWIND methodology is based on the analysis of the MARINEWIND Labs, that are social, environmental, technological, and financial pilot studies based upon a multi-faceted data collection and analysis on barriers and enablers related to:

  1. a) policy measures (WP1);
  2. b) societal engagement and environmental impact (WP2);
  3. c) financial solutions, techno-economic implications, and commercialization of FOWT (WP3).

The MARINEWIND Labs are located in five countries: Portugal and UK (actual applications of FOWT) and Greece, Spain and Italy (planned applications of FOWT). These Labs will support the transfer of knowledge from the established experiences to the potential FOWT sites where plans for installation of FOWT are still at various stages of planning or implementation. The MARINEWIND Labs will involve the Quintuple Helix stakeholders (industry, academia, public authorities, civil society, and green innovation).

The threefold analysis will be conveyed into the MARINEWIND web based Geographical Information System (webGIS) which will provide specifically tailored information on FOWT to the various stakeholders based on their category, geographical location and their goals and policy recommendations on how to have more informed RES policy and how to increase societal acceptance (WP4). The Replicability Plan will support the transfer of knowledge.

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities (WP5) will assure widespread outreach of the projects’ results and outcomes and to reach its impacts.

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