The first MARINEWIND Co-creation workshop took place in Bari, Italy on the 13th of June 2023 titled “MARINEWIND: Co-creation Path to Awareness on Floating Offshore Wind Technology Systems (FOWTs) / Percorso di co-creazione per uno sviluppo consapevole dell’eolico offshore galleggiante (FOWT)”. The event was organised as an Official Partner of the EMD – European Maritime Day 2023 – In My Country by was Led by partner APRE.

EVENT LOCATION: Port Authority of Bari, Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo, 1, 70122 Bari BA, Italy
EVENT DATE: 13 June 2023 (10 – 13 a.m. CEST, 3’)

EVENT OVERVIEW: The MARINEWIND workshop focused on the latest advances on FOWTs in Italy in connection with the project MARINEWIND. More specifically, the event, hosted by the Port Authority of Bari, took place in the city of Bari in the Puglia Region, because of its proximity to the only Offshore Wind Plant in Italy, which is, nevertheless, fixed rather than floating. Therefore, Puglia Region has been chosen as case study for the workshop.

Besides the involvement of APRE as the Coordinator of the MARINEWIND project, the Italian event has been supported by the contribution of the prominent Italian research centres and MARINEWIND partners CNR and RSE, and of the MARINEWIND Scientific Coordinator, Prof. Paola Zerilli of UoY.

In addition to the hosting Port Authority of Bari, the Department of Economic Development of the Puglia Region participated in the workshop through its Management of the Energy Service and Alternative and Renewable Sources, as well as the Department of Environmental Protection of the Puglia Region, the Maritime Directorate, the Coast Guard, and other relevant stakeholders.

The workshop aimed at making a relevant impact on policy, financial and economic frameworks, via exchange of knowledge and an increase in citizen engagement (via a bottom-up approach), in order to overcome the current barriers to social acceptance of FOWTs, mainly due to concerns for the environmental consequences of such technologies. Therefore, the event fostered the active engagement of the stakeholders, via co-creation activities directly connected to the MARINEWIND Italian Lab. Furthermore, the event presented advances in FOWT as natural and progressive insertions into the social and environmental fabric in order to promote a sustainable blue economy in Europe.

The event gathered 33 participants (organisers and facilitators excluded) from the 5-Helix Stakeholder Groups, as summarised in the graph below.


Picture: Co-creation workshop discussion

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